Welcome to uN●Rd¡N@R¥. It is unknown of what exactly the contents on this blog will be, therefore it was almost Impossible for the Author to differentiate what uN○Rd¡NaR¥ is about. It is also unknown why the Author is referring to herself in third person but one must not meddle too much in high things.

uN●Rd¡N@R¥ first started as a music blog called “let’s talk tunes” back in summer 16 as It was supposed to be a way to help the Author gain experience in music journalism. But, after two blog post Author realized that as much as she loved music and MJ-ing (music journalism) she had so much more to say than what song was in and what song was not. So on impulse she scrapped let’s talk tunes and uN●Rd¡N@R¥ was born.
But, even if you know all that, it still doesn’t really tell what uN●Rd¡N@R¥ is about, right? So, in the simplest way possible, uN●Rd¡N@R¥ is basically about life and the unusuality about it. About the joys and the sorrows, and all that’s in between. Not only about the Author’s life, but yours also. Yes you. The one who’s reading this. Because this blog is not only the Author’s but yours also.

So, if you read all that and you’re still like. “Ehhhh, I don’t know…” then The author suggest that you read one her blog post and begin from there. And though it still is impossible to tell what this blog is about, it is honestly safe to say, that you’re in for one uN●Rd¡N@R¥ ride.