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Problems I had with Alkaline’s After All.

So recently, I saw Alkaline’s latest video for his song entitled ‘After All’, and while I couldn’t say that I absolutely disdained it, I also cannot say that I liked it. Honestly, that would be much of a compliment. But before I dive right into this review, a brief history on After all after wall. 

The track which was produced by DJ Miller, was released lasted year around September. The song itself  really is just your average”*itch, don’t mess with me or my friends, we’re crazy” type of song. Just, maybe a bit more explicit than how I put it over. But explicitness aside I really liked the song so when I heard that vendetta fans had requested that he should do a video for ‘After all’  I agreed with them because ‘After all’ was such a damn bad song I thought that it deserved one, it was something that I was really looking forward to and I really was disappointed with the finished product.

I, for one, had some issues with it. Firstly, nine minuets and forty-one seconds that’s how long the video is which I let earnestly slide,  if anything, it made me a bit more intrigued I was like “what’s Alkaline’s doing in this video~?” Eyebrows wiggling and everything  I  mean come on! Anyone who have heard song (also taking into consideration the kind of artists Alkaline is) knows that the song’s a good song…. At least in my opinion I thought it was good (also taking into consideration the kind of artists alkaline is) all I’m trying to say is that when I saw nine minuets and forty-one seconds, I expected JUICE but, all I got was…  Sewage water. I’m sorry.

 Another thing was the plot (concept)… …yeah, I got it…but I really just didn’t like it. Like I get where they were trying to come from  I just felt that it had little to no connection with the song which (correct me if I’m wrong) only happened at the end, and maybe a bit In the beginning where Alka’s friend took some jail time for him. I also really didn’t understand that police scene. I have a legal question: If you saw someone get caught doing something wrong (in this case carrying an illegal weapon) and you happened to be standing a bit too close to the suspect (in this case driving the person with the illegal firearm) don’t the authorities automatically take you in as an accomplice? I just think that it didn’t  have to drone on so long to get to that point when there are a lot more ways it could’ve been done in a simpler and easier way.

These from here on out are just problems  that I thought were huge but might be seen as insignificant to another:

 I. Absolutely. Hated. That weird (rude) interruption between the song during the video. I understand why it was done and everything but it kept cutting right at my favorite part! I mean, maybe I’m being a little bit sensitive.  But, I still hate it…

Another thing that pissed me  was the fact that he made sure his little dirty cut scene got enough attention, if not more than it needed. And, I as wrote this I found myself really just becoming more and more displeased with the video and watching it I honestly felt as though alkaline flat-out cussed, not just me, but the entire vendetta fandom to their face.

Oh! Another thing I just remembered is that I saw no “four rifles lean up pon a wall.” I only saw three guns that was not on no “wall“….  I don’t know, again, maybe this is all just me. But I came to the safe conclusion (also learning to accept) that Alkaline was just staring in a mini move that’s also happened to be featuring his single.

So that’s it. That’s the thing I really hated about Alkaline’s music video. Would you agree with me these or am I being overrated? I would love to hear you guys thoughts?  Let me know what you think in comments. What did you like or didn’t like about Alkaline’s video?


….Was this just me or did that informant strangely resemblance the artist Jamie???

A/N: Salutations! It’s MazH here with an apology, I recently just saw this issue with my latest blog update (thanks a lot WordPress). But I’m here to tell you that, that problem has been fixed! Although, it’s not completely 100% I still tried to salvage what I can.



1 thought on “Problems I had with Alkaline’s After All.”

  1. OK, so I just watch the alkaline music video you post in the blog, it’s my first time watching it. I am not really a big fan of alkaline although he has some songs I’ll still bump my head too.
    So talking about the video’s time duration of 9 min and 41 sec, I think the duration is fine because the video was directed in a movie concept form. And we do have to understand that it wouldn’t have those long cutaways in the listening audio as in the visual, because it is a visualization of what he’s speaking about in his song. And talking about what he’s saying in the song to what we’re seeing in the visual to me! Is on point, I don’t think he strayed from what he’s saying in the song to what we’re seeing in the visual.
    And as I said not a big fan of alka, but I did enjoyed this video of his, not saying that because I am a fan of Jay Will the director who did this video works, but also because this is actually one of the alkalines songs I’ll bump my head too, cuz I know this song, and happy to see the visual for it.
    But as I’ll say I respect the author of this blog because not everyone sees things in the same perspectives as others, when some may see what the director is really trying to bring foword, some may not. Cuz I’ll say I have seen some really off things in videos, things that’s not corresponding to what the song is saying and that really bogs me out! I don’t even watch a movie a sequel part of a movie just because they take away the main character and put some guy that I could clearly see isn’t the first guy that brought that first essence. Especially if he really brought it in that movie and you know “yes that’s the guy to act through all the parts” I’ll still say this video showed me a story.


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