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HD57’s Launch party.


I-I’m gonna be honest with you, I seriously done it this time. Yup! I’ve gone and dug myself a grave…figuritvely speaking though, I didn’t, you know, actually dug a myself a grave. But of course you knew that already.


Anyways, as you can probably recall on my last blog update, I said that I would be y’all eyes and ears if you were so ever unfortunate enough not to make it HD’s launch party….now this is where I dig myself a grave because I don’t remember shit about last night, and no I was not wasted. I don’t even drink, I mean yes I do drink, but  come on who the hell doesn’t drink? It’s what you drink that really matters and I’m sidetracking again.

I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of embarrassed right now because it’s all just hazy right now, I don’t know why. But Imma try ah thing…….So,Yeah! If you don’t mind I’m going to tell ` about how epic last night was.

Okay, so when I arrived at the community center (probably around half-past six to minutes to seven, give or take) the Litastic group was already there and a few of the Dlinc members, most of the Djs were already there as well as a few people. HD57 and Shiloh were just setting up to shoot their video and speaking which I’m actually in the video, yeah, I was standing there you know admiring the whole video making scene in front of me when their photographer (aka Jalifa) turned and point to me and was like “put her in” and HD was like “yeah” and I was like “okay cool” (didn’t actually said that though) so I went and stood where they told me to stand, which was on HD57’s team (straight up! 👍) alongside Reddy, their new dj, and a friend of HD. On Shiloh’s team was Lizzie, Pooh Muzik, and a couple of their friends. The whole thing was just really cool, so yeah, you guys can definitely stay tuned for that if you guys want to see me awkwardly bop my head to the beat (👍).  After the video shoot, the DJs started to play music and everyone was just basically chilling or pictures. I’ll admit I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t just a little bit bored at that point, but, I really shouldn’t complain because I knew and liked almost all the songs the DJ played.

Showtime started just a little before or after eight, by that time the place were full and  Reddy got the ball rolling for us, I’m gonna say it up front, Everyone brought their stuff, Remix E. Ryder was right, the roof definately would have blew off. If it had one that is. For real though, all artiste brought their A game. Unfortunately though I was not able to get see Jay Nahge’s performance and I was really looking forward to it because I’ve heard a lot about him but I’ve not actually heard him so I was really looking forward to it. Another thing I was looking forward to was hearing “Hash on” and “Godspeed” live which I made sure I was present at, of course the crowd (including me) went wild when both those songs came on.

Another highlight my night was that I finally got a whole lotta new autographs to add to my scrap-book collection, so yeah my night was epic, to say at least. Of course just like any other parties I was utterly screaming at my self wanting to go home, but I ignored it and actually enjoyed myself. HD can throw a party, I mean little kids were there! Playing in streets. In the night. In a community they say “nothing good” can come out of. Even the Gonzales MP, the Movant MP, the San Juan MP and the Mayor of Port Of Spain came to show support.

And that’s it guys, the rest is haze, you can go to Facebook and watch some amazing pictures taken by Haydiyah Alexis.

Yeah….. Peace✌




3 thoughts on “HD57’s Launch party.”

  1. E’ stata bravissima ed era anche bella, però è super ovvio che fare quella &#e280;d2dica” ad Harry sia stato un gesto cattivo!! Poteva evitare, soprattutto perchè Harry non le ha fatto niente, è lei che perde un ragazzo fantastico… perggio x lei…Cmq marta01 si scriva Harry non Herry!!


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