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What I ate today!

It’s a new…Uh I honestly don’t know what to call this, um segment? Anyways to be frank this is a part of my blog where I talk about my favorite thing in the world. FOOD.

For  the beginning  of ‘what I ate today’ I decided to talk, well, write about the first time I cooked barley.

To start, there had been two packs of barley wheat in our storage for about a couple of months now and while I (who has never eaten barley before) was anxious to try it, other members of my family weren’t so thrilled about it. That’s kinda the reason why it was stuck up the cupboards for that time. Of course that was untill I decided that I would cook it myself.

The cooking process wasn’t really all that bad, at least I didn’t think that it was all the bad. Then again I was in a good mode that day that probably would change when I’m lazy again. Anyways, Before I began I absolutely had no idea where to start or what do I even do with the weird oatmeal looking thing.

Of course, when a crisis arise what do you do? Yup! You go to YouTube, exactly what I did, it’s not like I had any other choice though, I mean the packages doesn’t even come with instructions on how to prepare it. All it gave you were this recipe for soup. I wasn’t gonna make soup!

By the time I had finished watching two videos, I was completely second thinking the whole barely thing because honestly it looked like a whole lot of work. One video said that I should wash all the starch of the grain and then put it to boil for a minute before I take it off and wash it out and again before putting it back on the stove again, this time leaving it to boil for an hour or so. The next video I  watch, told me guaranteed cook time 15  minutes! All I had to do was put the grain to soke for about 3 or 4 hours and I’m good to go! Of course I still gotta was the starch out.

Anyways, feeling deflated I  went back to my kitchen, ‘well, guess it’s rice again.’ I thought.  I really didn’t bother to go on with anymore research because from those two videos I’d already got the idea, it was going to be a lot of work and there was no way around it. To be fair, there could be other ways, but as I said, I just didn’t bother. So, after a long debate on whether or not I should actually cook the thing, I said “You know what? Screw you laziness, The barley cooks today!”

I actually ended up using both methods to cook it. I figured that it would’ve taken lot more time than it did so that was the first thing that I began cooking before I made anything else for dinner.  I washed it out and put it to soak while I prepped my kitchen and gathered the rest of the ingredients to cook. By the time I was done the grains have been soaking for about an hour or so, I wash it out, again, before put it on the stove for the one minute (Just as the first video said to do) I really can’t remember if they said what that first boil was to do, but, I figured that it probably was to try to get out as much starch as you could because that was another thing I noticed, it was very starchy and slimy like oats.  I couldn’t help but think how much of a mean porridge barley would have made……

Sorry. Got lost in that thought..uh, where was I?
Oh right!

So I Boiled the grain for an hour, checking regularly to make sure everything’s okay, and to be honest while I  was cooking I was disappointed because, it wasn’t really what i thought it would be. I thought that it would be more like rice but it’s not. It was more like oatmeal, and had no idea how I  was going make that edible, the only thing I could’ve think of was either a stir fry kind of thing or a salad…. kind of thing. In end I just ended up making it as a salad.


And to be honest, because I am D Boss at cooking. I didn’t think that is was all that bad, I mean yes,the slime was a bit weird, but, I thought that it was good although there’s a good number of my family who seem to think differently.

And that was first time I’ve cooked and eaten barley, I’d eat it again but, this time as a substitute for oatmeal porridge.

Heya guys! Mazh here and welcom to the end of the first post of a new thing that I’m For this new thing that I’m doing. Thank you all very much for giving me some of time by reading this post whole through.It really do means a lot to me.



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