First blog post, First time blogger

Looking forward to seeing Netflix’s new mini-series.


Okay so, this morning while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw something that was literally enough for me to have a fangirl outburst. Something that rarely ever happens. At the time, I was sitting next to my mom, and when I saw it I jumped up and was like. “Yess! Freaking yes! It’s about freaking time!” And that’s when I turned saw my mom looking at me like if I had magically grown a conjoined twin.

Now you guys are probably thinking. “For the love of Christ Mazh! Just tell us already!”

Alright, alright! I’m gonna. Okay, so I saw the trailer for a new mini-series that’s coming out on 31st of March. Now, I know, all this excitement over a mini-series? Yes. The answer is yes.  Because this mini-series is based off my favorite-well, one of my favorite book: Thirteen reasons why. (Pssh. Like if I can choose a favorite book.)

If you are not familiar, thirteen reason why, is a book written by Author Jay Asher. It tells the story of a high school student girl who recently committed suicide. Prior to her death, the said girl recorded thirteen tapes in which she explains the reason why she took her life. The tapes were then sent to those who had a role to play in her death. All thirteen of them…..

To be honest, I really don’t feel like I’ve done the book justice with that shity synopsis. (If you guys hadn’t noticed it yet, well now you know.) But, it really is a good book and if you haven’t read it yet I definitely think that you should. It really is good read.

But, if you’ve read it already then tell me, are you excited just as much as I am for the mini-series?

Oh, and did I mentioned that whole thing was produced by Selena Gomez? No? Well, Then it totally was. Take a look at the teaser trailer that Selena posted onto her Instagram down below.



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