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All aboard the Hip-Hop bus.

Grind mode Cypher is coming to Trinidad! And their way of doing it? in a Cypher of course.

In an event page posted via Facebook rapper HD57 announced grind mode’s first Caribbean cypher along with octo music’s #SESSSH season finally. the event due on the 15th of the january includes rappers Jalifa, MicWise, Remix E. Ryder, REDDY, Gmay, GDIS, Pies, LiZZ, RHYMES, PAC’STAR, SHILOH and much more. And of course, hosted by no other than T&T’s only ninja rapper HD57.

According to the flyer, all rappers and crew must be at the P.O.S Promenade around 2:00-3:00 PM, where host HD57- who is catering for arrival and return along with drinks will be waiting on the “hip-hop bus” which then will carry you to the set. Also known as Gonzales community center.

Did I also mentioned that the cypher is going to be live?

So, if you don’t got any plans for the 15th come chill and watch some of the maddest MCs drop some of the hottest bars.

For more information check Facebook at Grind mode cypher.


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  1. Who knows? It’s probably helpful anyway because of the fact that when you sweat you excrete salts. I like spicy food when I’m at home in the UK but in the tropical heat I kinda resent how much more sweaty it makes me, even though I know it’s supposed to be a good thing. Stupid he;&2#8t30aChris Booth recently posted..

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