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Sweet 23

So, I went to a party last week.

And yeah I know that’s totally not something that’s interesting, in fact, it is something that is very common. because I mean, in this time, who the hell doesn’t go to at least one party?…moving on now.

For some strange apparent reason I was really excited for this party, I don’t know why  I Just was which is weird because I’m not a party person. In fact, while we’re at it, I’m not the kind person who enjoys getting out of bed every morning. Anyways, I decided that I would shear my experience with you guys. To be honest, I was going go all journalistic and stuff, but things got a little hectic after  party and I was not able to write how I wanted to. However it was still something  that I wanted to shear. So here I am.

Last week Thursday December 8th was Dlinc’s producer Negus Alexis (AKA Nekusa) birthday, he, and his sister Kalifa Alexis, (AKA Jalifa) who birthday is on December 26. To celebrate, Nekusa and his sister decided that they were going to have a little get together. I say little because their guest turned out to be very exclusive. The whole Dlinc group was there of course, but they were not many people who were not group oriented. What was absolutely cute is that the members all had brought their little siblings with them. They had set up this really cool, little gaming area for them. The really, really cool part about this is that the games were projected onto the wall, by this little projector that as hooked up onto the laptop. I really wanted play, but unfortunately I didn’t because, they were little kids! Next thing I win and they’re crying because they lose and I end up being the bad person!……….Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit, it was cool though, and a pretty good idea: they did not get as naggy as they normally would when they got hungry or thirsty or something. they didn’t even got that excuses because they had food, LOTS of it, and drinks as they please. The only thing that probably bothered them were the occasional potty breaks, and, who maybe wanted another juice but was too shy to take or ask for any more. (*slowly raises hand*) Nonetheless all I saw were messy smiling faces all around.

I’ll be  honest with you guys, the party did have a rocky start and personally, I, being the awkward queen I am, could not but help feel awkward. But, thankfully, in the end everything worked itself out and it definitely wasn’t something a little doughnut and ginseng couldn’t fix.


By the way reminds me. Oh, dear god the food was incredible! I literally can’t described to you how good the food taste. I still have goodies in the fridge…And I have to say that, that have to be my favorite thing when hanging around Dlinc…I GET TO EAT THEIR FOOD. Because of their livity they are not allowed eat any meat and certain other foods in particular, but they’re basically vegans. So in short. Yes. I ate everything. well, not exactly everything. You see there’s this slice of red goodness that looked like a slice of pizza but it’s actually not, that, is extremely inedible, for me anyways, I’m not a fan of spicy foods. And that, is extremely spicy, it didn’t go to waste though, I gave mine to my mom. She just loves spicy foods…..(shudders)

On to foods that are a lot more pleasant.  The cake was nice, it was a three-layered cake frosted white with sprinkles all over the sides, I don’t know if it’s just me but, that cake was pretty big, it took  me a couple of days to finish my slice. I’m telling you it was huge. It also had ice cream, It was absolutely delicious, they had my favorite, well, two out of my favorite flavors; coconut and chocolate. I even helped serve the ice cream.Speaking of which, I really just have to say that Jalifa had just been a wonderful hostess all through the night, making sure that everybody ate and had a good time, she was very busy; while other members were fulling their faces, chilling, drinking and of course performing, honestly, I would have been gravely disappointed if no one didn’t touch that mic. They put on a good show though, I liked it especially because I’ve never really seen them perform like that before, it wasnt anything all that spectacular, but I think that it might be among one their best performance, in my opinion anyways, because, they seem to be a little more open they you would normally see them, and it looked like they were having fun so I guess that contributes a bit. They sung some of their really old songs a lot people know nothing about, they showed off their skill in writing comedy music. And of course all their latest tracks.

By the time it was one, a few of the members ride (their Fathers) had arrive to take them home, which was kinda fruitless because the party was just starting to swing…..(did I use that right? Whatever *shrug shoulders*) Anyways the little mini after party was nice. Well I’m calling it an after party. Basically, someone just brought out a game of dominoes and everyone was either playing, waiting to play or watching, while munching on a burger. (I saved mines)

And at this point, I was beat and ready to go home. My outdoor anxiety was beginning to kick in and I was just bout to mentally fret about everything. So I stuck around for a few before I bid everyone goodbye and left with my dad.

So that’s how I did last Thursday, I had fun, It was good. I wanna thank everyone who took their time to read this, I really appreciate it and I hope that you all enjoyed reading this just as much as I. Bonus fact; this is my first time updating computer! YAY! It feel good.

Uhh……..I should have something really cool to say at the end here. Um, peace? Yeah, Peace.



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  1. Sh7&odnu#821l;t this fishing guide have tried to talk soothingly to the bear before shooting? Bears have feelings and so do criminals. The social workers say we should listen more and not judge too fast. I know that bear would’ve stopped if someone had only taken the time to talk it through with him; I know this because I saw that movie about the horse whisperer. Also, I been to the country once and didn’t see any bear, so the whole story is suspect to me.


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