First time blogger

Getting your hash on. Pun intended.

I have a fun idea, Let’s play guess that song lyric. Who can tell me what song this lyric’s from?

“Red eyes am the terminator”

No? No one?…. okay, how about another one?

“Sippin’ dro with my bro.”

Really? Nobody guessed it? They’re both from the same song! No? sigh ‘Residue.’ The lyrics were from HD’s first single off his EP (Exposed) entitled; Residue.

I seriously doubt that I’m the only one who thinks that this is just dope as sausages, right now.

The track -which also features Jalifa- was produced by Many made beats, powered by grind mode cyphers and was released ( in the form of a music video) earlier this week on Sunday at approximately 12:00 pm eastern standard time. The video, which kinda gives me a “GTA San Andreas” kind of vibes has been receiving nothing but love since it’s release at the beginning of the week. I mean, what else do you expect when something is as dope as this is.

And If you look closely you’ll be able see cameo Reddy in the background.

But, music video aside, the song itself is some pretty sick shit. What I like about it most, is that it’s an all-rounder, it is something that you can listen to if you’re just about to fall asleep, but, also banging enough to be something that can be play all night at a party. Not really into the party scene? Not to worry! This song is just perfect for chilling and getting your hash on. Pun intended. My favourite verse would have to be HD’s,

let me tell you, tough decision.

He killed the beat, his flow was incredible and he rided the instrumental pretty well. With being said, that’s not the reason why his verse is my favourite, it’s my favourite because

I can finally understand and repeat what he says!

One of my favourite scenes in the video were the dabbing scenes,

Can’t dab per say, but I do love me some dabbing😍💞👍

there’s two scenes, to be exact and the second one goes by so fast you’ll probably think that you’re imagining things.

Now, I could continue with this but why should I when you can watch the video yourself and experience the awesomeness first hand? Even made it a whole lot easier for you, it’s just one click away. While you’re at how bout telling me what you guys think? What’s was your favourite part?

Please let me know in the comments!



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