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Five things that I love 💕💕

Salutation! Welcome to my blog uN●Rd¡N@¥! If you haven’t guessed it already I’m MazH347 and it’s very nice to meet you all, I believe that we will get along just fine.

Since this is the first blog post of uN●Rd¡N@¥, I decided that I would tell you a tiny bit about myself. I believe that it might give you guys an idea of what to expect on  uN●Rd¡N@¥.


So firstly, before we begin, this is a personal blog, meaning, this blog is going to be one big bundle of peculiar awesomeness. But, don’t worry! It’s going to be fun.

“I promise”


Oh, right. I have to talk about myself now.To start, I think I’m going to state five facts  about myself, four, of which are things that I love dearly, and one, is, well, pretty much the whole reason behind why uN●Rd¡N@r¥ got started… which is also something that  I love, so you know what? Five things that I love Without further adieu…

#1 I. Love. Food! I mean, who doesn’t right? How could you not?


Food is my only OTP, ah, the feeling I get when I stuff myself with something that’s absolutely delicious. It’s indescribable. And of course, loving food always comes with the responsibility of making it, which I do and love. I love cooking. And recently, I’ve been very interested in trying out new dishes.

“got tired of the same ol’ same ol'”

I must also mention that I’m  a Vegan, with that being said, it absolutely does not mean that I enjoy eating foods that taste….hippie-ish. Or healthy. Yuck.

“I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, It’s really just that…. Your food sucks.”

#2. I love to write. (Obviously)  I’ve been into writing ever since I was a little  and I’ve written a lot of things.Though I’ve not actually written them. What I mean is,there was a period in my life where I kind of threw writing into the back seat. And even though I did that, and would not really give writing a second glance during the day. I still use to kinda write flash-fictions or mini stories in my head.

“And being honest here, I thought that they were short pieces crap.”

But then, after a while I began to write just for fun, and that’s when, I guess, I started to love writing again.

3# I’m a major music lover. I can’t live without it, I mean, yes I can live without music if I have to but, I rather not live without it. I like to think that I’m very picky with my music.

“which I am”

Though,  people tend to call me a hipster whenever I tell them that I prefer to listen to songs or artist that are rarely ever played on the radio.

“They also always tell me that I have a great taste in music “💕✌

And honestly, I don’t see myself that way, I’m just a person who really loves, enjoys and appreciates all music in general. Every song on my playlist has a reason behind why it’s there, whether it’s because I just  like the song or because it have some deep meaning behind it. All music means something to me, especially, when it’s done the right way.

4# I aspire to be an awesome music journalist

“I call it MJ/MJing for short”

No, not only do I only  aspire to be an awesome MJ I also aspire to change the music journalism industry in some way. I’m the sure how I’m going to do it, heck, I don’t even know what I’m going to change. I just know that something’s gotta change and its gonna to be for the better. Moving on. I first started uN●Rd¡N@¥ as a music blog, it was supposed to build my resume and get me comfortable in the whole music journalism thing. And while I’m still going to be doing that, I also wanted to write about other things as well, so, uN●Rd¡N@¥ was born!

5# Ah, I’ve saved the best for Last… which now I’m starting to wonder if that would be considered as an insult because I love this being more than the last four things mentioned earlier, in fact, more than anything at all! I put him in front of everything, I try my best to do what he says at all times, I owe him big time, I mean, if is wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here right now and you wouldn’t be even reading this right now. I really am thankful for the things he’s done for me, for the things he’s given me and for the people that he has placed in my life and will place.

“If you guys haven’t guess it yet. I’m talking about God. I seriously hope that you guys aren’t that dense.”

“I mean no offence!”

And now we’ve reach the end of my first blog post. Whoohoo! Yeah! Throws Mini dance party🎊🎉

Firstly I  really want to thank  everyone/anyone read this and made it this far. Because honestly, you really didn’t have to read this. You could’ve spend your valuable time elsewhere! So I sincerely thank you for taking your time to read this.

Bonus fact: I share my blog name with a really cool webtoon that is also called unOrdinary. I’m actually a huge fan of the webcomic, and if you’re like me, and love reading webcomics it is something that I definitely recommend checking out.

So now I guess this means goodbye! Till next time.

Oh! How could I forget? Shout out to my bro nekusa who was just awesome enough to make me my header image. Thank you so much I love it! 😍💕💓💞👍👊



2 thoughts on “Five things that I love 💕💕”

  1. Hai mai fatto inchieste sulle muetrpropiiltà o sulle società che rifilano enciclopedie in giro per l'Italia (che spesso sono la stessa cosa)?No. È troppo fuori dal mio campo.


  2. Princess u rock take it from me u are going places keep a cool head and continue doing what u love best plus be honest with u r review on the artist and keep it real😍

    Liked by 1 person

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