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Epic recommendation

If you were on the for a great weekend party then Great fete weekend (the longest weekend in the world) was the place to be. Great fete weekend is an annual beach party event, that take place at Pigeon point beach resort, along with other popular locations on the beautiful isle of Tobago.

Now, I was only particularly interested in this year’s entertainment line up which featured artists like: Desiigner,  Popcaan, Wayne wonder, Elephant man, MultiSymptom, and for the first time in Tobago Jalifa as well as HD57, plus including much more.

And though It was really awesome to see Jalifa and HD57 chilling out with Popcaan and Designer. My only thought was. “Cool. When does those sick collaborations come out?”  Think about it. Wouldn’t be uber cool to have an HD57 X Desiigner collaboration? What about an Jalifa X Popcaan collaboration?
Honestly it would be really cool, and I don’t know,  I have a feeling that it would  very interesting to listen to. Which one would be interesting-er? I really can’t say. I guess the only way to find out is if they really were real collaborations. And personally, having to choose between both is a little difficult. But, if I have to choose…Ah,  I think I’d have to pick HD and Desiigner.
What about you? Which collaboration you think would be just epic?

Desiigner X HD57
Popcaan X Jalifa

Let me know in the comments!


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