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DGI Mix tape review

To kick start ‘let’s talk tunes’ and give it a big nudge out into the open, (for real this time) I decided that I would write a review. A review on what you asked? I decided to write a review on the Dlinc global invasion (DGI) mix tape.


The mix tape which consists of twelve tracks (excluding intro and outro) features all nine members of the Dlinc group, it was produced by Armada the producer and hosted by Solomon child ( Wu Tang Clan/ killer bees).
DGI was supposed to be released on June 29th but, due to unclarified reasons was held back until one week later, releasing on July 6th. Nevertheless, those are just facts, and after waiting (patiently I might add) for what seemed like forever, I guess you can say that I was a bit more than excited when it was released. ‘Finally’ I thought ‘I get to hear it.’

Because the mix tape is “promotional use only” it was only available (from what I saw and understand) on Armada’s website and so far not on any other site (e.g.: iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify etc.) So in order to download the whole mix tape or favorite song/s off the tape, listeners/viewers would have to sign up for membership by clicking the download button (you know, the typical newsletter stuff.) And by doing so viewers should receive an email to confirm their membership along side the link to download. But. For me downloading it proved much more difficult than what the hyperlink suggested. For three reasons actually. One; my internet speed was just not at it’s best. Two; I’ve signed up for more than five times before I could’ve gotten my confirmation email (a result of reason number one I’m sure.) And three; the download link was a bit laggy, but, as my brother explained to me how a link can sometimes be worn out if used too much, it gave me the slightest idea of how people were reacting to it, which in result made me want to hear it even more. (Although, I didn’t doubt the idea that reason number one had a hand in that matter too. It was absolutely disgusting that day.)

All in all, when I finally got to hear it I absolutely loved it. Though,  I wouldn’t say that it “blew my mind.” To me, that would be an understatement as well as it would be an overstatement. It did however, as HD57 says “left me unspeakable.” I mean, I had to give them credit, they were like new aged Wu Tang recruits. And the beats were just as lit as they were.

I end with this, if you’re reading this and you don’t know who Dlinc are (yet) I suggest that you know. Hey, you can even start with mix tape, that’s a very nice start…….but, if you want a awesome start, I suggest that you start with the DGI music video, soon to be released. Which, by the way from the pictures I’ve seen, looks like it’s going to be. Sick. As. Frick.image


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